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The Key to Increasing in Prophetic Perception

[gdlr_video url=”″ ] The Key to Increasing in Prophetic Perception with Daniel Kolenda and Brian Guerin
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Jesus Conference 2014

[gdlr_video url=”” ] The Necessity of Pursuit and Hunger…Jesus
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Hearing God’s Voice

[gdlr_video url=”” ] God is always speaking. If we can learn to tune in to the frequency of the Spirit...
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The Daniel Fast

[gdlr_video url=”″ ] In this video Brian will be breaking down the necessity and implications of the Daniel Fast from...
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Hidden Riches

[gdlr_video url=”” ] We are in a critical hour as believers now to follow Jesus in the fullness of what...
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The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

Recently I was taken into a vision where I saw the cloud of witnesses coming from the heavenly realm toward...
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Zechariah 4:7

On Janurary 1st of 2012 a white feather appeared before me, floating in mid-air. I caught this sign in my...
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